BMX Bike Reviews

The Best BMX Bike Companies of 2009. Our Top 5 Picks
Haro BMX Bikes


Established in 1978 by the Father of Freestyle, Bob Haro. Bob was responsible for not only growing the company, but the sport of Freestyle BMX as well! He traveled the country performing demos of trick riding that had not been seen before. Haro have a long standing reputation for developing innovative, top-of-the-line BMX bikes that continues to this day. See our Haro Bmx Bike Reviews here.

Fit BMX Bikes


Fit Bike Co is a popular Complete BMX Bike manufacturer run By Robbie Morales with S&M as the parent company. They are popular for making great bikes that meet the demands of their riders. Fit BMX have had great success in competition of late with their A-list of riders. Popular all around the globe from frequent international travels to Spain, Australia, UK, and many more. See our Fit Bmx Bike Reviews here.

Mongoose BMX Bikes


Mongoose is a brand name of performance bicycles originally designed, manufactured, and sold by BMX Products. Skip Hess started BMX Products, Inc. out of his home in Simi Valley, California in September 1974. The company now produces several models of BMX, mountain bikes, and street bicycles, making ample use of light weight alloys and magnesium. See our Mongoose Bmx Bike Reviews here.

Redline BMX Bikes


Redline was born in 1970 when two guys with a common interest in welding and motorcycles began making frames and swingarms. With a 6-person staff, they named the company Redline and began producing lightweight, high quality motorcycle frames, it wasnt until 1975 that Redline began production of their first BMX frames. See our Redline Bmx Bike Reviews here.

GT BMX Bikes


GTs story is simple: speed, speed and even more speed. From GTs namesake Gary Turner designing one of the first BMX race bikes in 1973 to their modern carbon fiber creations that redefine fast-as-hell, GT have built a long legacy of racing and winning, yet never taking themselves too seriously. See our GT Bmx Bike Reviews here.