Redline BMX Bikes

Flight Series
RedlineFlight Pro XXL

Flight Pro XXL

Carrying over all of the XLs winning equipment and even better Tioga tires, the XXL is sure to make any racer over 5-10” happy.

Redline Flight Pro XL

Flight Pro XL

An upgrade option on the awesome Redline Flight Pro, geared for those with slightly different preferences for taking it big.

Redline Flight Pro 2

Flight Pro 24

A highly specialized 24inch off road bike at a mid rang price point that is light weight and built for speed.

Redline Flight Expert

Flight Expert

A blue-blooded racer to be reckoned with, one of the best bikes in the business of racing at this price.

Redline Flight Expert XL

Flight Expert XL

For serious shredders falling between 4-8” and 5-5”, the XL is just the ticket to get into serious BMX racing.

Redline Flight Junior

Flight Junior

Light-weight, fast and strong, this bike may be just the thing if you are one of the few talented enough to need wings like these.

Redline Flight Mini

Flight Mini

May be just the ticket for those who yearn for the rush of the Micro, but have the sense not to buy one.

Redline Flight Micro

Flight Micro

Features an impressive list of hardware on such a specialized platform, perfect for fearless speed freaks.

Proline Series
Redline Proline Pro XL

Proline Pro XL

Built for speed from the tires to the grips, fast and responsive from the first push of the crank.

Redline Proline Pro

Proline Pro

A great lightweight racing bike built for speed that is durable enough to survive rough riding and racing.

Redline Proline Pro Cruiser

Proline Pro Cruiser

Is the largest bike in the Proline series and comes highly recommended by bigger riders as one of the best BMX racer ever built.

Redline Proline Expert

Proline Expert

Light, sleek, and good-looking, from the first push of the pedals its acceleration and speed are apparent this bike is race ready.

Redline Proline Expert XL

Proline Expert XL

Stylish, fast, and durable. A pleasure to ride on pavement, dirt, or trail, it delivers speed and comfort in competition and leisure.

Redline Proline Expert 24

Proline Expert 24

Tough, durable, and versatile, the Proline Expert 24 is the choice for the growing competitor who enjoys the thrill of the race.

Redline Proline Junior

Proline Junior

Built for riders 4-5” to 4-10”, this is a bike for both novice and intermediate riders and is race ready from the box.

Redline Proline Mini

Proline Mini

Small but strong, the Proline Mini comes equipped with just the right features for safety, speed, and versatility.

Redline Proline Micro

Proline Micro

All of the features of the larger racing bikes scaled down to provide a complete racing bike for smaller riders.

Redline Proline Pitboss

Proline Pitboss

Whether just starting out or developing their skills, your budding rider will find this a dynamic racing machine and light on your wallet too.

T&T Series
Redline T&T MX12

T&T MX12

Give the little one a bike they will get excited about. Its not the cheapest way to go, but it will last and get them started right.

Redline T&T MX16

T&T MX16

Built to handle more abuse than most kids will ever be able to dish out, perfect for the young one ready for a “real” bike.

Redline T&T MX20

T&T MX20

A fantastic buy for beginners, sure to deliver all the thrills and fun of bikes costing three to four times as much.

Redline T&T MX24

T&T MX24

Few bikes in the 24” segment are as universally loved by their owners as the MX24, and with good reason.

Redline T&T Raid

T&T Raid

A great bike for young riders, benefits from all the inherent engineering and racing experience that Redline brings to the table.

Redline T&T Roam

T&T Roam

Relatively cheap, strong, and well equipped, the T&T Roam is Redline’s entry-level BMX bike but is anything but basic.

RL Series
Redline RL 7.1

RL 7.1

If you have managed to out-ride the 5.1, or are need a showroom fresh, race-ready ride out of the box, then this is your bike.

Redline RL 5.1

RL 5.1

If you are in the market for one of the best rides in the universe, then surely youre already familiar with this bike.

Redline RL 3.1

RL 3.1

Its tough as nails, striped down and guaranteed to get the job it was designed for done.

Redline RL 3.2

RL 3.2

Built on the same ultra-beefy platform as the RL 3.1 strength is a given when it comes to the 3.2, and then some.

Redline RL 1.1

RL 1.1

Basic but its frame remains one of the lightest per unit of strength in the industry, and it can be easily modified later on.

Redline RL 1.2

RL 1.2

Offers a lot for the dollar and is a bargain buy when compared to comparable offerings by others in this class.

Redline RL 18.1

RL 18.1

Small of stature but big of heart, designed to be a speed-demon, this bike is a versatile player in this ultra-competitive market.

Redline RL 16.1

RL 16.1

Stylish and smooth, it may be superceded by some more expensive models, the 16 is certainly more than the sum of its parts list.

Freestyle T&T Series
Redline Rival


Tried and True this bike is all about simple, relatively inexpensive strength with heavyweight performance.

Redline Recon


made in collaboration with professional riders it has been explicitly designed for freestyle domination through superior engineering.

Redline Recon LE

Recon LE

Gives the entry level rider a feel of what the pro bikes feel like, and intermediate riders something to modify to get an advantage.

Redline Romp


The specs may seem old-fashioned but there are many riders who champion the Romps cause in this market, its not old, its tried and true.

Redline Romp LE

Romp LE

Lightweight, stylish and tough, the Romp LE may well be Redlines “all things to all people” BMX bike.