Diamondback BMX Bikes

Jump Series
Diamondback Accomplice


A great overall package built for speed, durability and jumping power, and few other bikes can compare.

Diamondback Lucky 24

Lucky 24

A great bike that is versatile enough to go from riding dirt trails straight to ripping it up at the local bike park.

Diamondback Mr Lucky

Mr Lucky

A well-built, durable bike that will live it up to the competition and send you flying high in the air.

Diamondback Lucky 18

Lucky 18

A great bike that is built for jumping power and will bring your skills to the next level.

Diamondback Mini Lucky

Mini Lucky

An excellent bike for the little guy or girl who is ready to tear it up!

Diamondback Skindog


Lives up to all the hype and is the perfect fit for the developing rider ready to hit the trails.

Diamondback Session


If you are ready to start hitting the trails and dirt jumps, the Session is a great choice.

Street / Park Series
Diamondback Orion


A street bike durable enough to withstand the grind of riding freestyle all over town.

Diamondback Venom


A great bike for the medium sized rider looking to bring their freestyle riding to the next level.

Diamondback Option


A great affordable entry level bike for riders trying to get into freestyle riding.

Diamondback Joker


Designed with inexperienced freestyle riders in mind, it will take your riding to the next level.

Diamondback Grind


A great BMX bike designed for younger riders ready to move up and do some huge tricks.

Diamondback Grind 16

Grind 16

A quality bike for young riders but with the capabilities to get started on the big tricks.

Race Series
Diamondback Reactor Pro

Reactor Pro

All in all this is a high performance bike with up to date technology. It comes race ready right out of the box with no assembly required.

Diamondback Nitrus 24

Nitrus 24

A cruiser class bike built for high performance racing but is also affordable enough for the casual rider.

Diamondback Nitrus


The Nitrus is built for speed and performance and makes a great first racing bikeis with a mid-level price ticket.

Diamondback Nitrus Jr

Nitrus Jr

Diamondback Nitrus Jr. is a great racing bike for young riders just starting out or that have been riding for years.

Diamondback Viper X

Viper X

Versatile enough to not only provide speed but also the jumping power and durability comparable to other DiamondBack Bikes.

Diamondback Viper


A simple but effective design that is durable and fast. It comes in mustard yellow or bright silver and both give it a great look.

Diamondback Jr Viper

Jr Viper

Great for junior racers wanting to get started in either competitive races on the track or dirt trails, or for jumping dirt hills.

Diamondback Mini Viper

Mini Viper

Makes an excellent first bike lucky little boys or girls, since it comes with training wheels and a durable strong frame.

Diamondback Reactor Expert

Reactor Expert

Designed with a strong and durable yet fast frame, this bike will help turn a good rider into a champion!