DK BMX Bikes

Street Series
DK intervol 18

Intervol 18

A great bike for any freestyle occasion, street, park, or looking for big air off of ramps.

DK Reaction


No matter the freestyle occasion, the Reaction meets all of your needs and expectations.

DK Ordinate


Simply one of the best freestyle BMX bikes on the market today at its price point.

DK Convex


A great bike for a rider who is well versed in freestyle, and is ready to take their game to the top.

DK Effect


A pro level bike that will bring an experienced freestyle riders game to the next level.

DK Opsis


A great bike for any entry-level flat land rider, designed specifically for flat land riding.

Race Series
DK Havok


A great bike for entry-level BMX racers, and will perform at a competitive level.

DK Sentry 20

Sentry 20

A great entry level racing bike. Built with a lightweight design, this bike will rocket around the race track.

DK Sentry 24

Sentry 24

A great bike for entry-level BMX riders looking to race in the cruiser class.

DK Tracer


The Tracer series of bikes (mini,jr,expert,pro) are all well designed with quality parts.

DK Valiant


A great quality pro level bike that will help you become the best racer you can be.

DK Spektre


Probably the best racing bike that DK has to offer, no part has been compromised on this bike.

Park / Trail Series
DK Siklon


An affordable hybrid bike that is built for park, freestyle and track riding.

DK Cygnus 20

Cygnus 20

A great bike that will go straight from the park to the trail and never miss a beat.

DK Cygnus 24

Cygnus 24

A very versatile bike that will excel in almost any BMX situation apart from racing.

DK Helio


A great bike that comes in some stand out colors, perfect for any seasoned rider ready to do big things.

DK Kvant


If you are ready to go big wherever you want than the DK Kvant is the bike for you!

DK Raimei


Practicality, quality, and cool finally merged, with cool showing through the most!

DK Aura


Has set a new standard for the Company, its a great bike with quality parts throughout.

DK Asterik

Asterik 26

An awesome 26" bike that is sure to take the ribbon, in both looks and on the track!