Eastern BMX Bikes

Beginners Series
Eastern Lowdown


A gem if you are just beginning the sport of BMX. Lightweight and Visually appealing.

Eastern Traildigger 16inch 1pc Crank

Traildigger 16" 1pc Crank

Built to last and pass on to the next sibling, a great investment for the young beginner.

Eastern Traildigger 16inch 3pc Crank

Traildigger 16" 3pc Crank

Has everything one would expect from the full-sized Traildigger wrapped in a smaller package.

Eastern Traildigger 18inch

Traildigger 18"

Perfect for the young rider that is ready to move up from a 16 inch, but still too young for a 20 inch.

Eastern Paydirt


The color schemes may not appeal to everyone but its a technically sound bike, and affordable too.

Eastern Torino


One of the best options from Eastern available for a beginner BMX freestye rider.

Eastern 9 Volt

9 Volt

A fantastic BMX to get to grips with flat riding before you take to any freestyle elements.

Intermediate Series
Eastern Ramrodder


Resilient to lots of stops and gos while at the same time, designed for many hours of hard riding.

Eastern Traildigger


Perfect for any BMX biker who seeks a lightweight, sturdy and and good-looking bike.

Eastern Battery


A bike to take to the ramps and practice your jumping skills. This bike can compete with the best.

Expert Series
Eastern Shovelhead


A quality lightweight pro-level bike youll be throwing it around with zero effort!

Eastern Metalhead


A jump up from some of the other Eastern models and certainly will bring out the best from riders.

Pro Series
Eastern Element


A powerful and robust pro level BMX bike, arguably the best in its price range.

Eastern Sequence


Wont let you down, most definitely one for making Big Air and is just as good on the ground.

Eastern Jane


Not strictly a ladies bike, but if there were to be a BMX bike designed for women, this would be it.

Eastern Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Worth every penny. Pros may tweak a few parts but everyday riders wont need to change a thing.

Team Series
Eastern Asesino


A serious bike that will show its true grit on those competition ramps without too many tweaks.

MTB Series
Eastern Traildigger 24 / 26

Traildigger 24 / 26

A robust bike built for endurance and strength, and is suited to the flats or an intermediate level trail.

Eastern Thunderbird


Built to ride in rough and challenging places, but the Thunderbird is also sleek for everyday pleasure riding.

Eastern Nighttrain


Designed for pro level riding you can take this robust bike virtually anywhere.