Giant BMX Bikes

Dirt Series
Giant Method 00

Method 00

If you demand a clean yet purposeful ride, youíll find it in this Corey Bohan-inspired Method.

Giant Method 01

Method 01

Featuring tried-and-true geometry and a CroMo three-piece crankset, itís ready for everything.

Giant Method 02

Method 02

A serious ride featuring CroMo steel frame and fork, deep-wall rims, three-piece cranks and serious brakes.

Giant Method 16

Method 16

Team inspired design. Apart from the size, it measures up in every way with the others in the Method series.

Method 24

Method 24

A hardy bike with some very nice specifications, bringing the rider assurance of performance and durability.

Street Series
Giant Modem


Light and well built, Flight ready, right out of the box. All it takes is a park, and your skills.

Neighborhood Series
Giant GFR XL


A fantastic 20.3 inch bike for beginners who want something tough to ensure a good start in the sport of BMX.

Giant GFR FW


A very nicely designed BMX dirt and street, made with beginners in mind, and affordable too.

Giant GFR CB


A lower set bike ideal for the younger generation just getting to grips with BMX riding.