GT BMX Bikes

Freestyle Series
GT Calafia


Has always been a good smooth ride with nice specifications; this version is no different very impressive!

GT El Centro

El Centro

Not the lightest of BMXs, but not the heaviest either, overall a good bike unstrapped for freestyle riders.

GT El Centro 18

El Centro 18

An awesome expert level street and park bike for riders under from the ages of 8-15.

GT El Centro 16

El Centro 16

A bargain price, great performance and a short enough stature to fit upcoming junior riders.

GT Performer


A classic among BMX bikes, it still performs but the 2009 version looks nothing like it predecessors.

GT Compe


Built to last with models from 2002 still being seen down at the skate park that have had little to no modification.

GT Zone


A good quality BMX to get started on the flats or trails, and is affordable enough for beginners.

GT Air


Designed for riders just getting started in Freestyle, the Air is perfect for practicing your first turndown.

GT Slammer


A great beginners bike that makes the grade if you are looking to gain some experience at freestyle.

Race Series
GT Power Series Ultra Box

Power Series Ultra Box

Top of the Ultra Series Line with no excuses, no compromise and no expense spared.

Power Series XL

Power Series XL

With its racing pedigree and top-notch equipment, rest assured this excellent bike will do the talking for you.

Power Series 24

Power Series XL

Designed for riders longer of leg than average, the 24 literally towers over all others in the model line.

Power Series Pro

Power Series Pro

In the right hands this bike delivers 90% of the performance of the Box Ultra at less than 40% of the cost.

Power Series Expert

Power Series Expert

The Swiss Army Knife of free-style bikes being one of the most versatile bikes of the Power Series range.

Power Series Jr

Power Series Jr

A demon out of the gate and a ghost over the doubles, definitely worth looking at for young riders.

Power Series Micro

Power Series Micro

Never mind comfort, this beast is the Hayabusa of the bmx world. Theres nothing small this bikes performance.

Dirt/Street Series
GT Fueler


Dirt, street or skate-park, ramps or track this is one quality BMX bike and it looks tight too!

GT Bump


A great bike that new riders will grow their dirt riding skills on, then modify as they develop.

GT Fly


With some modification it makes for a very tough and agile dirt bike which sticks like glue.

Kids Series
GT Mach One Pro 24

Mach One Pro 24

Provides the performance and value of a Mach One Pro, with the smoothness, comfort and stability of a larger 24.

GT Mach One Pro 20

Mach One Pro 20

Represents fantastic bang for the buck, and is sure to ease the progression from earth to sky.

GT Mach One Expert

Mach One Expert

Carries on GTs tradition of making at least one reasonably priced and versatile bike that fill every niche of consumer need.

GT Mach One Jr.

Mach One Jr.

Costs about twice as much as your average department-store kiddies bike, but is unparalleled in safety and strength.

GT Mach One Mini

Mach One Mini

It may seem a little overkill for someone who can barely walk, but the safety and reliability is well worth it.