Haro BMX Bikes

Forum Series
Haro Forum Pro Lite

Forum Pro Lite

Strong, lightweight featuring some tight specifications and a great reputation.

Haro Forum Counterpart Lite

Forum Counterpart Lite

Built to last, it has good quality stamped all over and is certainly a bike you will be proud to show off at the park.

Haro Forum Intro Lite Low-Low

Forum Intro Lite Low-Low

One of the best bikes for entry level riders who want to take BMX either seriously or a hobby.

Haro Forum Intro Lite

Forum Intro Lite

Lightness is the name of the game, one of the lightest and best-handling BMX bikes available.

Haro Forum Intro S Lite

Forum Intro S Lite

Theres no extra fat on any of the Forum series, resulting in some of the lightest, best-handling bikes available.

X Series
Haro X5


Opens up a world of tricks that can be done on the street, dirt jumps, park, or anywhere else.

Haro X4


Perfect for beginners learning new where you need a light bike with detangler and a set of pegs.

Haro X3


Opens up a world of tricks that can be done on the street, dirt jumps, park, or anywhere else you choose to shred.

Haro X2


Dollar for dollar, the X2 may well represent the best bang-for-the buck on the market today.

Haro X1


This bikes quality and strength give it more potential than then competitors entry level bikes.

Haro X0


Want to learn some new tricks and dont want your ride to feel like a tank? This might be the bike for you.

Haro X24


The Land Rover LR3 of BMXs: big, comfortable, and capable enough to get the job done.

Haro X18


There arent too many bikes at 18” that offer the kind of bang-for-the buck safety and performance of the X18.

Haro X16


Boasts the traits and components of more mature and expensive BMX bikes, only scaled to fit.

F Series
Haro F5


Quality, Style, Durablity. If you can afford it, splash out,theres no shame in having the best.

Haro F4


Offering 95% of the strength and performance at 75% of the cost of the F5 this a great alternative if the budget is tight.

Haro F3


Fantastically well-rounded: snappy on the track, strong where it needs to be, and light on the wallet.

Haro F2


If its time to upgrade, check out the F2. The upgrades are well worth the extra $30 (compared to the F1).

Haro F1


Pushes all the right button and checks all the right columns when it comes to budget-priced grinding.

Haro F1C


Based on the F1, the “C” denotes this bikes slightly smaller stature, for those advanced in skill beyond their years.

Haro F24


A 24inch Bike featuring fantastic stability and all the handling of a smaller bike when the skate park gets homicidal.

Haro F18


One of the few kids bikes used BY adults and is the lowest-priced offering in to offer a full Tektro brake system.

Haro F16


Worth every penny as practically every part that can be replaced or improved has been.

Z Series
Haro Z24


Offers 90% of the functionality of Pro-level bikes costing three times as much, without looking like a department-store special.

Haro Z1


Featuring the largest and most mature frame of all the off-roaders, it may be the last bike you buy.

Haro Z20


Light, strong and stable are three words that aptly describe the Haro Z20.

Haro Z18


With all the sturdiness of its basic Z frame and associated components, the Z18 is built to last.

Haro Z16


Exclusively designed for young and growing riders, this bike is all about fun and imagination.

Haro Z12


Designed for children ages 2 ½ to 4 years, its affordable, sturdy, safe and comes with adjustable training wheels.

Haro Z10


Designed to get toddlers on a Haro at a very early age, as the best years deserve the best bikes.

Race Series
Haro Team Issue

Haro Team Issue

Ridiculously light, crazy strong, and meant to do one thing; get to the finish line fast.

HaroPro XL

Pro XL

Sitting at the top of the racing food chain; this is one of the fastest BMX bikes available.

Haro Pro


Haro collaborated with their professional riders to develop the Pro as a desirable, yet affordable racer.

Haro Top Am

Top Am

A Truly tasteful looking bike, built to race with an excellent set of stats straight out of the box.

Junior / Mini Series
Haro Expert


All the race technology that Haro packs into its full-on adult race bikes, scaled down to a size suitable for adolescent and pre-adolescents.

Haro Junior


A great buy for the money and the perfect tool for young but experienced riders to exploit all their developing skills.

Haro Mini


If you have a pre-adolescent shredder with a love of cut-and-thrust bikes and a need for serious performance, then this bike is for you.

Haro Micro Mini

Micro Mini

Designed by the insane, built for the fearless and only used to its full potential by the truly talented.

Cruiser Series
Haro Pro 24

Pro 24

You wanted it, you got it. A contradiction of specs and design but Pro 24 owners swear by it.

Olds Cool Series
Original Freestyler

Original Freestyler

While it looks the part, the Original Freestyler is not a retro bike in the purest sense—it features too many modern conveniences to suffer that fate.