Eastern Ace of Spades

Eastern Ace of Spades

There is BMX and there is the Eastern Ace of Spades Shear quality for around $600. And the chrome finish is to die for. You may read some jealous reviews by people who do not have one or do not know how to keep a chain snapped down on a 10 set, this bike put simply is a class above its price suggests. 

The Ace of Spades is a bike that loves aerial action even without you attached. It is light weight and has robust gleaming out of that gorgeous shiny Chromoly frame. Slam it down and it is every bit as strong as some of the most expensive brands. 

Specs The Ace of Spades has a super strong Eastern Full 4130 Chromoly Frame with the dynamic Proprietary Lightning Rod Tubing. The forks are straight tapered legs built in that tough stuff Eastern Full 4130 Chromoly, the new Hang Free Dropout design and 990 mounts. The seat post is an immaculate looking 3-Dimensional Forged Alloy Micro-Adjust featuring that sneaky Eastern Logo.

The front rims are: Eastern Forged Alloy Shell, BM25, and Kinlin Double Wall Alloy making the rim tough. The rear rims are just as impact resist ready built in the same Double Wall Alloy. You have the Tektro U-Brake system and lever and this BMX comes in two very tasteful color concepts, black and the super immaculate Chrome Plate.

Conclusion If the cloaking device (Chrome Plate finish) does not grab your attention, then the overall specifications of the Eastern Ace of Spades will. No doubt this BMX is worth every penny; again some of the pro riders will tweak this baby into their own personal showpiece. But for the everyday rider you wont need to change a thing, to make long story short Its perfect!

Eastern BMX Bikes available now on Ebay:

custom bmx bike 600$  Eastern frame FEIND BARS G SPORT rouge status seat
custom bmx bike 600$ Eastern frame FEIND BARS G SPORT rouge status seat

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