Eastern Battery

Eastern Battery

The Battery BMX bike was built for the serious bike rider in mind. The bike is strong, which makes it a good choice if you want a bike to take to the ramps.

When it comes to street riding, the Battery is simply one of the best bikes out there. This is because of its great maneuverability that it has on flat surfaces. The BMX Battery is one of those bikes that will get you as close to perfection as you can get.

If you wanted to describe the Battery in 3 words it would be:

STYLISH - The bike has a great look to it and immediately draws attention. Some of its features are the skull grip, medusa sprocket, pinner seat, 9er wheels, byrd pegs, and plastic pedals.

TOUGH - This Battery is a tough bike and was made to last its riders many years. If you are looking for a bike to take to the ramps and practice your jumping skills, this bike can compete with the best.

VERSATILE - If you are not into the jumps and the tricks and are just looking for a reliable bike for street riding. The maneuverability and smooth ride of the Battery will certainly impress you. Many have said that this bike is one of the best bikes there is for the street rider.

• Eastern 1020 Hi-Ten frame with chromoly downtube and integrated seatpost clamp
• Tapered chromoly fork legs
• Eastern CFRP pedals for weight savings
• 2 Eastern Bird pegs
• Alloy double-walled 48-hole rear rim
• Eastern Original “easy to adjust” LB-9 hub with 6 paw driver and durable oversized bearings
• Tektro U-Brakes front and rear
• NEW Eastern Stealth-inspired Shaft cranks for ease of installation and weight savings
• Sealed mid bottom bracket for reliable performance
• Eastern Promise*- A lifetime of reliability and upgrade options
• Top Tube: 20.25
• Colors Green or Silver

The BMX Battery was made for the intermediate bike rider in mind and weighs 28.50 lbs.

Eastern BMX Bikes available now on Ebay:

Eastern Bikes Journey Frame (White,  20.25-Inch)
Eastern Bikes Journey Frame (White, 20.25-Inch)

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