Eastern Lowdown

Eastern Lowdown

The 2009 model Eastern Lowdown is a gem if you are just beginning the sport of BMX. Pretty lightweight and graphically gorgeous in its red colored design it is a fantastic quality BMX bicycle and is very affordable.

Specs - As affordable as this BMX is you do get a lifetime warranty and upgrade policy on the Eastern 1020 Steel Frame with incorporated “Grim Reaper” seat post clamp. The frame is a beauty, it is packed with Eastern features and a very eye-catching set of straight Eastern 1020 Steel with Tapered Legs (forks) designed with what is described as the “New Hangfree Dropout Design”.

Without doubt one feature is the lightweight and robust cranks which are forged in Heat-Treated One-Piece Chromoly definitely a useful bit of kit for high octane endurance testing trickery on the track or ramps. The incorporated 43T Steel with Eastern Medusa-Style Graphic is one of those features that stand out when you look at the frame, and is a nice contrast to the image of the overall BMX. The brakes are the ever safe Tektro U-Brake system with levers designed especially for the U-Brake. You can get the bike in two colors, either black satin or the eye candy of the two – red!

Conclusion – This is a different BMX in comparison to the 2008, it has a few more eye pleasing and technical features mainly designed to take the bicycle further in the performance stakes. With all the graphical enhancements you will find it difficult to find a more tuned to the eye BMX.

Eastern BMX Bikes available now on Ebay:

custom bmx bike 600$  Eastern frame FEIND BARS G SPORT rouge status seat
custom bmx bike 600$ Eastern frame FEIND BARS G SPORT rouge status seat

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