Eastern Traildigger

Eastern Traildigger

The Eastern Bikes Traildigger is one of the best bikes for freestyle out there. Those who enjoy executing bike tricks such as grinding and jumping will love the Traildigger At only $300, it is also an exceptionally good deal, delievering all the quality of a thousand dollar bike for a fraction of the price.

The Hi-Ten frame is nice and light, with a Chromoly downtube and Chromoly fork. Also included are a 25T Medusa sprocket, Bird pegs, Easter skull grips, Pinner seat and LB-9 right hand cassette hub with very durable oversized bearings. The cassette hub can easily be adjusted as needed.

The bike weighs in at only 26 pounds, which isnt bad at all for a BMX bike as durable as the Traildigger. Designers were able to keep the bike weight low by using Eastern Stealth-inspired Shaft cranks and It saves even more weight by including Eastern CFRP pedals, rather than the standard heavier bike pedals. The Traildiggers mid bottom bracket is well sealed for extra protection and reliability. Also sealed is the integrated 45/45 headset.

The Easter Traildigger is also very attractive, as far as bikes go! It comes in bright colors such as black and pink, chrome and green, and purple. The Traildigger is perfect for any BMX biker who seeks a lightweight, sturdy and and good-looking bike.

Eastern BMX Bikes available now on Ebay:

custom bmx bike 600$  Eastern frame FEIND BARS G SPORT rouge status seat
custom bmx bike 600$ Eastern frame FEIND BARS G SPORT rouge status seat

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